Because People
are complicated enough.

Find ANY data, on ANY person, even if it's scattered on Million different web sources.


Search: blue eyes / female / dark hair / 5' 9” tall / dance skills

SNEEZZ is the first of its kind Machine Learning API.
SNEEZZ helps you find any public WWW data on any person in the world in 1 click.

Instead of spending hours doing research...
with SNEEZZ technology, you won’t have to search—you’ll find the right match.


Whyyou need us (Where's the pain)

According to our research, Most HR divisions hasn’t changed much since the 50s.
The film (casting), sports (scouting), Tech-Business (HR) industries continue to struggle to find the right people. It could take two years to cast a blockbuster movie with thousands of extras, or months for a smaller projects.

With SNEEZZ you can get all of the people you need with just one click.. and you can use our exclusive "ONE CLICK HIRE" to close the deal.


SNEEZZ’ three co-founders have a long history together.
Eitan and Lukach have been best friends for 15 years. Also, Hadar and Eitan are childhood buddies.

Eitan Nahmias

CEO, Co-Founder

Startup Hustler. Eitan has been online since 1994, and he will do whatever it takes to make the world a greater place.

Itay Lukach

CMO, Co-Founder

Viral Marketing Expert. With over 12 million views on YouTube, Itay has both experience in start-up companies and fundraising.

Hadar Tamarkin

CFO, Co-Founder

Hadar has practiced finance and innovation. Served as Project manager in the Israeli Intelligence Corps Technological unit.

Maor David


Senior Algorithms Engineer. With 15-plus years of experience in web scraping, indexing and big data fields, Maor brought our ideas to life.

Roy Shell

SVP, Engineering

Software & Web Developer. Roy has over nine years experience working on search engine technology and big data solutions.


Profiles in our database


In-house employees


Students researched for us @ Innovation Immersion Program


Million people in the entrainment industry

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With SNEEZZ you don't have to spend a second on your profile.

Your profile is generated automatically by our unique algorithms--even if your data is stretched over thousands of different web pages.